Be Articulate With Ferrari

Lamberhurst Engineering Limited, the UK distributor of Ferrari Tractors, have just announced the arrival of the “Dualsteer” Ferrari Vega to the UK.

The Dualsteer range of tractors has the same basic fundamentals of the AR and RS versions of the Vega tractor. The new choice results in an avant-garde solution with a brand new steering system; the features of which dramatically improve the performances of these vehicles, making them practical to use even in precarious conditions where being able to move easily in narrow spaces is the only way to be able to work.

Reduced wheel bases and the use of hydraulic clutches which allow containing of the overhanging part of the engine, in addition to the other interesting solutions aimed at reducing dimensions without altering the performance, remain basic virtues in the new model.

The double steering system highlights the qualities of safety and stability in curves and the manoeuvrability of the Dualsteer. This solution allows a turning radius of just 2200mm with a steering angel of 70 degrees, which is far greater than those tractors with a central articulation, further reinforcing the outstanding performances of the new model.

Thanks to the features of the Dualsteer, the new Vega model can be easily used in vineyards, orchards and greenhouses but without overlooking park maintenance and work in public areas where being able to move in narrow spaces is of fundamental importance to operate in the best possible way.