Ferrari Tractor Keeps Racing on Track

A Ferrari Vipar tractor has joined the fleet of machines helping to look after the UK’s longest greyhound track and surrounding areas at Central Park Stadium in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Selected by Facilities Manager, Andy Chetram, the tractor was supplied by Lamberhurst Engineering, the UK distributor. The model chosen was a Ferrari Vipar 40 RS, equipped with an easy connection gearbox which has 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds, without speed overlapping. The maximum speed is 30 km/h, vital for moving swiftly on the road.

The Ferrari Vipar 40 RS is an extremely compact, low profile machine and unlike any other tractor currently available on the market. The excellent steering radius and the indisputable quality of the engine, combined with permanent 4-wheel drive for maximum traction and a compact, stable design make these tractors ideally suited to any terrain and a multiplicity of roles. Driver comfort is ensured by a well-appointed operator station.

“We had a Ferrari tractor here before and so when we needed a new utility tractor, I contacted Lamberhurst Engineering again,” said Andy. “The tractor is already proving its worth on a wide range of jobs on the track infield, on the surrounding areas and on the banks. It’s a great little tractor which goes anywhere we want it to.”

Andy recognised the need for the multi-use tractor that was capable of delivering best value, could be used with a range of attachments and also for general duties in conjunction with a trailer.

With a width of less than 1 metre and with a weight less than 1000kg, this is a truly go-anywhere-tractor. Fitted with four equal sized wheels, the Vipar range has a high performance hydraulic system with the possibility of having up to 6 auxiliary hydraulic presses and is also equipped with a rear PTO to power a wide range of implements. The Rear lifter, with external jacks has a lifting capacity of 1050kg.

“Being permanent four-wheel-drive, the Ferrari Vipar offers plenty of grip yet is not too heavy and delivers plenty of power across the speed range. I also like saying that I drive a Ferrari – how many people can say that they drive a Ferrari at work?”

The complete range of Ferrari tractors is on sale in the UK exclusively from Lamberhurst Engineering.