Firewood machine Hakki Pilke Expert 37

The Hakki Pilke Expert 37 firewood machine is excellent for professional use but also offers a unique option for demanding domestic use or as a shared machine when making larger amounts of firewood. Even though the machine only needs 7.5 kW of power and weighs just 750 kg, it can be used effectively to split trunks almost 40 cm thick.

This exceptional power is best exhibited when making firewood out of trunks of varying sizes. The speed of the machine is automatically adjusted according to the size of the trunks. Top-class production with the Easy equipment. Hakki Pilke Expert 37 firewood machine can be equipped with the Easy function to enhance its user friendliness. This feature is especially useful for professionals.

With the Easy equipment in this firewood machine, wood can be moved forward and back, cut, and the height of the blade easily adjusted using hydraulic levers.