Firewood machine Hakki Pilke OH 27

The Hakki Pilke OH 27 firewood machine is an easy-to-use firewood machine for domestic use. It can be equipped with a separate electric motor or be used with a tractor PTO. The Hakki Pilke OH 27 firewood machine has a conveyor making it easy to process wood and move it directly to a shed, stockpile, or trailer. Depending on the blade used, the wood can be cut into up to six parts, producing conveniently sized firewood even from sturdy trunks.

The circular saw of the Hakki Pilke OH 27 firewood machine is equipped with a tungsten-tipped blade for cutting dirty wood. A two speed valve that automatically accelerates the splitting motion is available for the splitter as an additional accessory.

It speeds up the splitting motion for wood types that require less force by up to 33%.

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