Pellenc Launch Professional Electric Pole Saws

Lamberhurst Engineering Limited, the UK distributor of Ferrari Tractors, have just announced the arrival of the “Dualsteer” Ferrari Vega to the UK.

Pellenc has launched a range of four electric pole saws – the Selion which have been designed for professional tree surgeons, landscapers and viticulturists.

Two models have fixed length poles of 1.30m (P130) & 1.80m (P180) and a further two models have telescopic poles of 1.50m extending to 2.0m (T150/200) and 2.20m extending to 3.0m (T220/300) via an easy adjustment knob.

The saws are fitted with the very latest Pellenc innovations, including automatic oil flow control, automatic chain tension adjustment and a head that can be set in high, low or axial position.

As well as the above innovations, the Selion is powered by the new generation of lithium-ion batteries, known as the 600, which provides power for a full day’s (8 hours) cutting without the need for re-charging.

No less than five patents have been registered for the automatic chain tensioning, electronic oil flow control, fully tilting head, retractable wrench integrated within the head of the tool and the brushless motor which has been specifically developed after endless research with customers.

With a weight of just 2.7 kg (excluding battery pack), the Selion is almost half the weight of its more conventional two stroke rivals. Add to this the heavily reduced vibration levels, no emission and not even the use of ear protectors needed for the user, the machine has been thoughtfully produced with the environment and end user in mind.

Without the need for a petrol/oil two stroke mixture, and the important reduction of noise pollution, the Selion gives a far higher productivity to the user – up to four times superior than a petrol-engined machine thanks to its comfort of use, power and reduced maintenance.