Disco pre-pruner

Simple and economical.

Work more cost effectively with the pre-pruner. Its simplicity provides fast and efficient work, as well as low maintenance.


  • Working speed up to 3MPH for optimum work, even in dense vegetation.
  • Low hydraulic requirement (4.5 gal/min).
  • Coupling with Multiviti in 3 minutes.
  • No sharpening of discs required.
  • No more removing wood.


  • Very quiet operation.
  • Electric control of all functions.
  • MULTIVITI joystick and ergonomic console.
  • The machine vision control (optional) aids the driver and maximises work performance.


  • Set the working width and height for precise work with a single click.


  • Safety mechanism in case of shock, automatic re-setting.

Pellenc Tailleuse Disco Barres de coupes laterales

Lateral cutter bars available as an option

Lateral cutter bars (60 cm high) cut hanging branches.
This option saves substantial amounts of time when pruning.

Pellenc Pretailleuse Visio Detection des Piquets

Automatic detection of posts and cordon tracking by machine vision

Working comfort of the driver: when working at night, in the rain, under the sun.
Quality work without the stress.

Pellenc Tailleuse Disco disques acier au bore

Boron steel disc

PELLENC boron steel discs have an extended lifetime and require not sharpening.

Pellenc Tailleuse Disco 3 minutes pour changer d'outil

3 minutes to change tools

MULTIVITI coupling.


 Standard equipment.

 Optional equipment

Head with Short arms Long arms Short arms Long arms
Number of pairs of bevelled discs with 100 mm spacing 3 to 6 Up to 11 3 to 6 5 to 9 pairs
Number of pairs of bevelled discs with 50 mm spacing 6 to 11 Up to 21 6 to 11 10 to 17 pairs
Pairs of 3.9 in long lateral cutting bars
Pairs of 17.7 in diameter lateral discs
Coupling On over-row tractor Multifunction arm on Pellenc carrier Multiviti 20 or 40 frame Multiviti 20 or 40 frame
Manual speed adjustment From the console From the console From the console
Electric control of all functions
Height and angle settings controlled by hydraulic cylinders Multifunction arm Multiviti frame Multiviti frame
Automatic Vision post detection
Automatic cordon tracking with the vision system
Hydraulic tilting, for Lyre vines
Pair of opening wheels
Suspension strap slope/safety Multiviti frame Multiviti frame
Delivered on a pallet stand