Multiviti Trimmer

Simple and fast.

The Multiviti trimmer is quick and simple to use. Coupling and uncoupling is completed without tools.


  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Combined task possible.
  • Coupling completed in 3 minutes.


  • Lightweight tool.
  • Quiet.
  • All commands plus width and height settings are made from the MULTIVITI cab.


  • Any diameter of shoot can be cut.
  • Large number of settings.


  • MULTIVITI shock-proofing.


Quick coupling in just 3 minutes

Hydraulic and electrical connections are made rapidly and are located at shoulder height.
Automatic tool recognition for the MULTIVITI Joystick.


Intuitive controls

Comes standard with a multifunction joystick.
1-click control of all functions of the trimmer.

 Standard equipment. Optional equipment
Cutting width (in m) 0,3 to 1 0,3 to 1,2
Standard vertical cutter bars 1,38 m with 4 blades 1,8 m
BALT 1800
Option 1 vertical cutter bars 1,72 m with 5 blades 1,5 m
BALT 1500
Horizontal cutting bars 1,05 m with 3 blades 0.7 m: 1 Evoludisc 700 satellite
Optional horizontal cutting bar 1.2 m: 2 Evoludisc 600 satellites
Cut-off on impact ensures safety at all times
Control joystick
Height and hydraulic offset adjustment
Manual height adjustment of the horizontal cutting bar
Hydraulic height adjustment of the horizontal cutting bar
Mounting plate and stay-rod
Delivery on a pallet stand
Working close to the ground (optional) Fifth lower cutting module (fixed or pivoting)
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