The main characteristic of the Pellenc Treelion pruning shears is that they can work either in progressive mode, for precise work, or in pulse mode (full or half open) for faster pruning. The Pellenc Treelion pruning shears are equipped, as standard, with a Pradines cutting head, which is a world-wide reference in terms of blade quality. Furthermore, with the dual trigger system, with a simple press, the blades can be opened from an intermediate position to the fully open position, to gain in speed and simplicity of use. This range of pruning shears are provided, as standard, with the 200 battery or with a kit for connection to another Ultra Lithium Battery. There are several versions of the Treelion : onehanded conventional type model and several two-handed models for working in dense vegetation. Like all the other Pellenc products, Ultra Lithium Battery benefits from a very-high-capacity technology which guarantees use with no odour, no pollution and a revolutionary working capacity.

Pellenc designs and manufactures powerful, light and compact hand-held tools thanks to the control of state-of-the-art technology: very high efficiency new-technology motors. The efficiency obtained from this type of motor is far greater than that of the former generation of direct current motors; the result is that your tool operates better with the advantage of reduced weight and size. In fact, the energy losses are low because the motor, which is directly coupled with the cutting tool, has an efficiency close to 90% (as opposed to that of a combustion-engine motor which is less than 40 %). Furthermore, the Pellenc new-technology motor is the only electric motor which develops so much power for such a small size and which has a very long service life due to its design.

Pellenc is the world’s first manufacturer to offer a whole range of professional tools for parks and gardens, local authorities, golf courses, etc., which operate with very high capacity lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to their technological advance, Pellenc products are in keeping with sustainable development.

Forget the excessive use of fossil fuels, nauseating smells, never-ending noise pollution and the excessive weight of combustion-engine tools after a day’s work. With Pellenc, you work most often without ear protectors, you can breathe freely, no cramp or pause for tired muscles, and especially, no need to refill your tank all day long. With Pellenc Ultra Lithium Batteries, you have only advantages, including excellent cost effectiveness, and no disadvantage.

Using the products which make up the concept allows users to be independent in the production, storage and use of electrical energy. The ecological package made up of:

  • Pellenc ULiB ultra-high capacity and multifunctional lithium-ion battery
  • Solerion solar panel that enables the batteries to be recharged in 6 hours with maximum sunlight
  • Lumenion intelligent lighting stand which works with the Pellenc battery
  • Power convertor 1000 energy converter. This is a “generator” which allows Pellenc batteries to power all electrical appliances designed to operate on 220 V c.a. mains power where power is less than 1 000 W