The Precision Pruner

With visionic technology, you can reduce pruning costs and time.

Up to 90 % less time spent pruning. PELLENC Visio cordon technology: cut vine shoots in the perfect place and with precision.


  • Working speed: up to 1.9 mph.
  • Day, night, fading light and rain.
  • Capacity with thick vegetation.
  • Cordon tracking accuracy adjustable to 5 mm.
  • Large opening when entering the row facilitates entry.
  • User-friendly and ergonomic Multiviti joystick and console.


  • Protection of posts and trellising.
  • Prunes as close as possible to the cordon for a homogeneous result.
  • Automatic vision cordon tracking ensures much higher work quality than that of manual steering.
  • Clean cutting (rotation 4,000 rpm).
  • Any diameter of shoot can be cut.


  • In case of an unexpected event, the user can immediately take control of the machine.
  • Impact-proof design.

Cost Effective

  • Simultaneous pruning and pre-pruning is only possible on a PELLENC carrier.
  • Significant reduction of pruning work by up to 90 %.
  • Homogeneous vines facilitate phytosanitary treatment.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Intensive work, day and night.
  • Hydr. tractor: 7.7 gal/min.


  • The automated control systems free the driver for comfortable operation without fatigue.
  • Automatic opening around stakes thanks to the mechanically opening wheels.


Hydraulic engine

Hydraulic flow required: only 7.7 gal/min.
High-speed saws.
Cutting quality.
Prunes large diameter branches easily.
Wear resistance.


Row tracking with automatic vision

Quality of work higher than can be achieved with manual operation.
Greater vine protection.
Exceptional operator comfort.



Lateral module Precision pruner with variable angle

Large entrance opening of the row (20.5 in).
hydraulically operated.
Manoeuvrability in short headlands.
Cleaning efficiency.
Lateral deflector prongs prevent injuries on the cordon.


 Standard equipment.

 Optional equipment

Head with Long arms
Number of pairs of bevelled discs 10 to 17 pairs
2 lateral hydraulic cutting modules
1 pair of 15.7 in diameter steel saws
2 horizontal hydraulic cutting modules
1 pair of 13.8 in diameter steel saws
Coupling Multifunction arm on Pellenc carrier Multifunction arm on Pellenc carrier MULTIVITI chassis
Fast coupling plate and stay-bars
Manual speed adjustment From the console From the console From the console
Electric control of all functions
Height and angle settings controlled by hydraulic cylinders
Pair of opening skids of the horizontal cutting modules
Automatic cordon tracking with the visioning system
Impact-proof cylinder
Delivered on a pallet stand
Pair of deflector fingers for vertical modules