The Seppi Midiforst DT brush shredder is the most classical forestry mulcher. Its universality makes it suitable for the most varied uses:

  • Forestry industries for right-of-way management, creation of fire breaks, vegetation management, road side maintenance.
  • Construction for land clearing and site prep.
  • Agriculture for the renewal of orchards.

This tree shredder comes with a two end belt drive. The components of the transmission are protected under a door that may be opened for servicing. The mulcher is well protected from dirt, dust, water and strikes.

Standard Version:

  • Mulches wood up to 30 cm [11.8”] Ø
  • Working speed 0-5 km/h
  • Cat. 2 central fixed ISO 3-point linkage
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel & cross shaft
  • Input shaft 1 3/4” Z=6
  • Double drive
  • 10 belts
  • Hyd. rear hood
  • Skids, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • Front and rear protection: chains
  • Standard rotor: swinging forestry hammers

Optional Extras:

  • PTO drive shaft
  • Swinging hammer rotor with tungsten tips
  • Fixed knife rotor with 2+1 tungsten tips
  • Fixed knife rotor with 2 tungsten tips
  • Front attachment
  • Reinforced frame
  • Rake hood on rear hood
  • Additional rear hood and reverse rotor drive
  • Mechanical guard frame
  • Hydraulic guard frame
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Narrow skids
  • Transmission with 2 hyd. motors with relief valves, choice among different types
  • Hydraulic top link
  • ADAM alignment of the PTO drive shaft for better PTO shaft angles
  • Chevrons for transport on public roads